Our Team

Ms. Shweta Kesarwani

Ms. Shweta Kesarwani, Managing Director is post graduate from university established in India. She is multi-skilled business professional with entrepreneurial passion, coupled with hands on approach. She has rich years of experience in business development by virtue of her previous engagement with several commercial ventures. Ms. Kesarwani is passionate about revolutionizing farming, empowering women and nourishing women talent. She is enriched with leadership quality.

Dr. Gaurav Krishna

Dr. Gaurav Krishna, Technical Director, is doctorate in plant biotechnology and had acquired several years of experience in the field of plant science research and its commercialization. Dr. Krishna authored many research papers in various national and international peer reviewed journals. He has vast experience not only in the field of biotechnology research, molecular biology but also worked for several years for implementation of unique quality management system in plant tissue culture industry under Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India programme..