Our Activities

Allahabad Advance Agri Solutions

Activities of Allahabad Advance Agri Solutions

Production of tissue culture raised plants of -

  1. Horticultural Crops: Banana, Pointed Guard, Pomegranate etc.
  2. Grasses: Sugarcane and Citronella etc.
  3. Tuber: Potato and Fig etc. 
  4. Medicinal Plants: Turmeric, Ginger, Coleus forskohlii, Stevia rebaudiana, Brahmi etc.
  5. Floriculture: Gerbera, Carnation etc.
  6. Forestry: Teak and Bamboo etc.

Contract Production of Tissue culture plants

  1. A3S welcome all the national and international organization to collaborate for the contract production of a given plant species through tissue culture


  1. Imparting short and long terms training to graduate and postgraduate in Biotechnology, Plant Science, Botany, or any related filed )

Project consultancy:

  1. Establishment of plant tissue culture laboratory
  2. Preparation of bankable detail project report
  3. Assistance for getting recognition and renewal from agencies